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Apraxia-What is it?
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Steve Zarren, President
Feel Better LLC
Apraxia or lid opening associated with blepharospasm is the most common reason for
failure or minimal help from the Botox (botulinum toxin). Sufferers have difficulty opening
their eyelids even after the spasms have been reduced by the toxin. They use their brows,
forehead, neck and face to try to help open their eyelids. After eyelid spasms, a time lag is
required before the eyelids will open and they may again droop closed without obvious

I have suffered from blepharospasm.  For me this meant symptoms of involuntary and
excessive twitching, blinking, and, for others, eye closure.  After six months of consuming a
natural whole food that supported my body nutritionally, my symptoms diminished and I was
no longer blinking excessively.  Once I realized that this whole food helped me I could not
believe it but shortly thereafter I could not deny it. Then I realized if it helped me, why not

The food is safe proven by my study at Johns Hopkins and the hundreds of thousands who
have benefited from it over the last twenty five years. I can be your personal wellness
coach and help you have a healthier future.

If you wish to try this natural whole food or have questions, call me between 9:00 AM
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